The PrivySeal Digital Accreditation is designed to effectively combat this problem with a service which confirms that a person has the credentials they claim to have by linking their professional accreditation to their verified contact details. PrivySeal protects genuine qualifications by helping qualification providers, qualification holders and their clients to see in real-time, at a glance, whether any qualification is still valid.

PrivySeal does this by constantly checking the qualification status of the holder and only showing the requisite digital seal and certificate if the qualification and any associated compliance requirements remain valid. In so doing, PrivySeal makes it far harder for bogus or less qualified individuals to pass themselves off as qualified professionals.

The patented PrivySeal process requires users to validate their email and mobile numbers and then checks different qualification databases, using these and other verified data points, to determine whether a person or institution has any qualifications, licenses, or other verified credentials.  Once the applicant has been identified as a potential qualification holder, the data sources are also checked to determine whether they are in “good standing” and if so, a Privyseal is issued.

When clicked on, the Privyseal opens a verification certificate that displays the latest contact information enabling clients to contact them. This encourages members to always keep their contact details current which ensures the data integrity for the particular professional body, statutory regulators, universities, schools, government and other qualification authorities.

PrivySeal assists members, registrants, alumni and learners to prove and showcase their qualifications so as to build trust and distinguish themselves from others who claim qualifications they do not have.

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