In terms of section 18(3) of Act No. 48 of 2000 you are also required to work under the tutelage of a Professionally registered person in the same category as you. Remember that the mentor does not necessarily have to work in the same company/organisation as the mentee.

Council further wishes to advise you that you will need to keep and maintain a logbook for the duration of your candidature period. The log book must be endorsed by your mentor / Registered person and submitted for assessment annually and/or at the end of your candidature period.

To expedite log book processing, a slot has been added on your profile (Bio) where you can upload the log book. (All documents uploaded in one PDF document). It is essential that you only provide the documents that is requested. For your convenience we have also included a list of mentors for those whom might be having difficulties sourcing a mentor.


Log Book for Registered Candidates


Pool of Mentors

Pool of Mentors for Mentoring Registered Candidates