On successful completion of the assessment phase, you will be invited to write an examination (CHSO / CHSM) or attend the Professional interview (Pr.CHSA. The following processed must be followed.


Examination procedure

Step 1: Payment of the examination fee (email proof of payment to [email protected] and copy [email protected],za )

Step 2: You will receive an invitation to write the examination,

Step 3: You will need to make an online booking, using the link provided in the invitation letter. Select the venue and date of your choice. New dates and venues are periodically provided.

Step 4: Ensure you are at the venue 15 mins prior to the exam start time, and bring along a working pen

Step 5: Write exam; Ensuring that you answer all questions

Step 6: Please make sure all papers are issued back to the invigilator

Step 7: Your Paper will be sent to a marker and or moderator

Step 8: You will be issued with your result letter.


Need to Know:

  • You will not be invited to an examination unless the full examination fee is paid
  • NO examination can be written unless an online booking is made using the link provided by the SACPCMP
  • Re- write bookings have to be made through the Examination administrator
  • Under no circumstances may you remove any portion of this script or take the script out of the examination venue
  • Do not bring any unauthorized materials (e.g. written notes, papers) Pencil cases and Glasses cases must not be on your desks. These will be checked and confiscated.
  • You are required to answer all questions in a black or blue pen, if you require additional stationary kindly consult the invigilator.
  • Any form of cheating will immediately resort to the suspension of your application.
  • General Examination rules apply, (e.g. No Cellphone, No Talking)
  • Construction Health and Safety Officers – Write Paper 1
  • Construction Health and Safety Managers – Write Paper 1 & 2
  • The Examination is based on practical situations that you are confronted as a CHSO / CHSM on a construction site. It would be advisable to go through the scope of services provided by SACPCMP for your relevant category and the Construction Health & Safety Regulations.



Step 1:  Payment of the interview fee

Step 2: You will be invited to the interview by the SACPCMP Administrator

Step 3: You will need to prepare a quick 10 minute presentation on your understanding and knowledge of the first 3 construction project stages.

Step 4: Attend the interview

Step 5: You will be issued with your result letter.


Need to know:

  • Invitations are provided to everyone eligible for the interview. First come first serve on available dates.
  • Questions asked are based on practical situations / knowledge you are required to possess as a Pr.CHSA and involve all construction project stages.
  • The format and structure of your presentation on the understanding of stages 1 – 3 is of your own choosing. It is however essential to keep to the 10 minutes provided and use the time to best explain to the interview panel your understanding of the role of the Pr.CHSA during these stages.




For Expected Knowledge Areas for Construction Health and Safety Officer

Examination guide. Download