1. Under what circumstances is a registered person required to return their certificate?

It is a requirement of Section 23 of the Act (Act No. 48 of 2000) that any person must whose registration has been cancelled in terms of this Act must return his/her certificate to the Registrar within thirty (30) days from the date on which he/she is directed by the Registrar in writing to do so.


2. What are the benefits of registration?

There are numerous benefits that accrue from being a registered person to the individual, client bodies, employers’ organisations, construction industry, the general public and these even though not exhaustive are as hereunder:

Benefits for Registered Persons

A registered person is accredited by a statutory body to perform work identified for the profession he/she is registered for. Furthermore, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures that the professional keeps abreast of the latest development in the profession.

Benefits for Employers/Clients

Employers/clients have the assurance that work is done according to best practice. The knowledge that the professionals’ own reputation is at stake serves as an assurance for the client/employers. There is a route to discipline non-compliant professionals. Persons who act unprofessionally are removed from the roll and are not able to work in the industry in terms of section 20(1)(a)(i) and 19(3)(v) of the Act

Benefits for Industry

Registration benefits the industry by raising the profile of the professions and by also eradicating tainted perceptions. Registered persons are seen as truly professional and attract better and more interest from students.

Benefits for General Public

Act No. 48 if 2000 was passed to protect the public. Registered professionals are less likely to take unacceptable risks that affect the environment, lower standards and endanger the safety of workers.


3. What competencies are required to be a registered Professional Mentor?

The applicant must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • • demonstrate the ability to transfer skills and assess a contractor’s capabilities
  • • demonstrate competence in construction contract administration
  • • demonstrate technical competence in one or more construction disciplines
  • • demonstrate competence in commercial aspects of contracting
  • • demonstrate competence in construction project management


4. How frequently do I renew my registration?

Registration is renewed on an annual basis for which invoices are normally issued in December of each year.  The prescribed period for paying the annual fee is three months that is from the 1st January until 31st March.


5. Are applicants who apply for candidature expected to submit reports?

No, only applicants applying for professional status are required to submit reports.


6. Are applicants allowed to apply for Professional Category without being registered firstly as a Candidate

Yes, an applicant can apply directly to be assessed for Professional Category on the condition that they are in possession of an accredited recognised qualification in the Built Environment field of study that is further supplemented by relevant years of practical experience.


7. What are the requirements for registration in terms of qualifications and years of experience for registrations as Professional Construction Project Managers/Construction Managers?

The years of relevant experience are determined by the type of accredited qualification that the applicant possesses as outlined below:

• National Diploma in the Built Environment field of study must have seven years post graduate relevant practical experience
• National Higher Diploma in the Built Environment field of study must have six years post graduate relevant practical experience
• Bachelor of Technology/ Bachelor’s Degree in the Built Environment field of study must have five years post graduate relevant practical experience
• BSc Honours Degree in the Built Environment field of study must have four years post graduate relevant practical experience


8. What are the requirements for registration in terms of qualification and years of experience for Candidate Construction Managers/ Construction Project Managers?

The applicant must possess the following accredited qualifications:

  • National Diploma in the Built Environment field of study (not a trade diploma) must have three years post graduate relevant experience
  • National Higher Diploma in the Built Environment field of study must have 2 years post graduate relevant practical experience
  • B-Tech/Bachelor’s Degree in the Built Environment field of study must have one year post graduate relevant practical experience
  • BSc Honours in the Built Environment field of study for which there is no requirement to have any post graduate relevant experience


The specifics of the acceptable qualifications as well as the accredited programmes are readily accessible from the website and these are only the qualifications that are from Academic Universities and Universities of Technology


9. What is the procedure for registered Candidates to upgrade to Professional status?

The procedure is that at the completion of the prescribed Candidature period, registered Candidates will submit the following for consideration of their upgrading to professional status:

  • •  Upload Logbook that is signed by the Candidate Mentor
  • •  Upload Curriculum Vitae as per SACPCMP template
  • •  Upload Certified copy of Identity Document/Pass port
  • •  Upload Certified copies of educational qualifications
  • •  Upload Project Profile as per annexure A1
  • •  Upload Project Reports as per annexure A2


All registered candidates are required to submit logbooks on an annual basis for the duration of their prescribed candidature period for assessment to guide them in their professional development


10. What is the requirement for foreign applicants who want to register with SACPCMP?

All applicants with foreign qualifications are required to obtain a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluation of their qualification and will thereafter be assessed for their competency along the lines of (7) and (8) above


11. How do I apply through the RPL route?

The RPL route of application follows two (2) phases:

In the first (1st) phase, you apply through the normal Council application process, submitting your reports. The assessors will then assess your competencies acquired and identify the category you best fit, CPM or CM. If perceived competent you will then be recommended for RPL.

The second (2nd) phase: the applicant will have to pay the RPL fee. Once paid, he will be briefed about the process and he will be required to compile the Portfolio of Evidence as per the prescribed format. The POE will be assessed. If he/she is successful, he/she will be recommended for the professional interview.


12. How much is the application fee?

Non-refundable applicable application fee must be paid to our bank and submit proof of payment together with application form or you can submit the application form and you will be invoiced the applicable amount.  The application fee is published every year on the website. If you apply online the invoice will be automatically generated.


13. How do you apply?

You can apply online and upload all your relevant documents such as a copy of certified ID, certified copies of qualifications, Curriculum Vitae and reports.


14. Is the code of conduct binding to all registered persons?

The code of conduct is applicable and binding to all registered persons regardless of category registered in.


15. How can I lodge a complaint against a registered person?

The complaint should be lodged through the Complainant Affidavit that is available within the website.


16. Is registration compulsory?

Section 18(2) of the Act (Act 48 of 2000) categorically state that a person cannot practice as a Professional Construction Project Manager or Professional Construction Manager unless he/she is registered in that category.